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Mar 11

Flash in the Can, prologue

Ok, call me what you want, but untill now I have let wintersports prevail over FITC Amsterdam.. The single week of holiday opportunity in the winter is usually spent in mountainous areas on a snowboard. This year however, FITC’s coolness of workshops, lectures and more in Amsterdam takes place in a week that does not force me to sacrifice muscle aches, speedy descents and awe inspiring views of snow covered mountains. Yes, I have my ticket, a place to stay, the iPhone app to sort out what I should go see and the spirit’s up since the day I got all that sorted out.


As all the sessions probably need a careful balancing of pro’s of visiting and con’s of visiting something else, the workshops are no exception. I choose Andre Michelle‘s workshop, maybe because I’m jealous of what he (and others) achieved with, maybe because of the sheer magic of the ability of altering a monotonous stream of bits on the fly (i’m not that hardcore type of a programmer) to create actual music. I’m not sure why it prevailed over the promise of hard cash through insights into developing for the mobile platform, being fashionable by diving deeper into HTML5 an JavaScript’s new abilities or creating your perfect world in 3D with Tom Higgins on the Unity3D platform. It just did…

Day one

Oh my, the options! (juts a selection) Grant Skinner, Flash and JavaScript ( god. Tom Higgins, once Macromedia Director (Lingo: my first programming experience) and now Unity3D evangelist. Stacy Mulcahy (AKA (the) bitchwhocodes) on design for devices. Rob Bateman, co-developer of Away3D, very much in the limelight together with Flash player 11′s new 3D capabilities (AKA molehill). Richard Olsson on how to get content from Blender into Flash. Jim Corbett on Flash Player Internals. GMunk on creating graphics for TRON: Legacy (yes, last years ‘edition’). Sigh… I guess it comes down to making choices again.

Day two

Frank Reitberger with a story about procedural creativity and maybe an Arduino based surprise, Mike Chambers on the combination of Flash and HTML5 (and ofcourse JavaScript)’s capabilities, Mike Jones on some more 3D in Flash, Mark Anders on Adobe’s plans for HTML5/JavaScript/CSS3 tools, Daniel Schutzsmith on how to promote your skils, Evan Roth on Open Source, Art and Viral Media, Bartek Drozdz about the possible move from 2D to 3D development and Tommy Pallotta about the creation of Collapsus: The Energy Risk Conspiracy, a transmedia storytelling project (transmedia, finally a new name for multimedia! ;) )

As you see, lots of 3D and mobile on the tech side of the event but nevertheless pretty interesting I think. Now downloading tonefall, the framework used for the monday workshop and get the most out of it!