aloft is a 1 person (web)development company. Lots of ActionScript (Flash as well as Flex), JavaScript, HTML, PHP and whatever else there is on the technical side of the internet. Total years of experience closes in on 15, working for various companies as well as freelance. Techniques vary with time and assignment. Sounds opportunistic, but I do believe you need to pick the best tool for the job regardless of whichever technique is fashionable at the time.

Since about 7 years I also teach at theĀ Hanzehogeschool Groningen. (Due to the lack of an equivalent of the type of school in most countries, it’s name is communicated as “Hanze University” in the English language)

Next to the plain technical side of things, I like to get involved in art projects. Though time does not allow me to very much lately, if you need some assistance (technical advice or plain coding) in a nice project, it’s worth a try to drop me a line.

The blog on this site is a mixture of note to myself, comments about stuff I think is noteworthy and perhaps some tutorial like articles in the near future.