“Scrolling like iOS”

(This may sound like a commercial, but I guess GreenSock deserves it)

Trying to mimic the scrolling of iOS’s UIScrollView with Actionscript over a sunny weekend made me lazy. Coding myself: “overshoot, decelerate, ease back into position”, ended up with some funny, fair and not so fair results. It just didn’t feel right. I decided to look a bit further on the interwebs and again…. GreenSock to the rescue! Ok, it comes with a price, but only fair for all those times Greensock saved the day. If you’re prepared to shell out $150 for a commercial license or $99 for a bit more restricted one you’re the proud owner of the ThrowPropsPlugin. Butter smooth “iOS scrolling” (amongst others).

(now try and nail it myself on a rainy weekend sometime soon)

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