GPU accelerated rendering with Starling

A note to myself: I need to experiment with GPU accelerated rendering. Really…

With the new GPU rendering capabilities of Flash player 11 and AIR 3, which go under the name Stage3D (formerly known as MoleHill) performance should be greatly improved in … some, all(?) cases. Since it has been a long time I did anything with actual 3D modeling, the logical place to start is 2D. Dreading the complexity of the Stage3D API’s I will focus on the Starling framework. There is a nice example of what complexity Starling hides from you on the Adobe devnet pages. The following links will be my first information providers while experimenting I guess.

Of course the Starling API documentation.

Also: Lee Brimelow has two video tutorials on his gotoAndLearn site. One introducing the Starling framework and one explaining how to use particles in the Starling framework with one by one design’s particle editor. Lee will also host a workshop at Flash in the Can Amsterdam 2012.

The framework was written by the Austrian Gamua, also responsible for the sparrow framework for objective-C (another thing which desperately needs being looked in to) which in it’s turn is loosly based on the Flash display list API.

If you wonder why a separate library is needed in stead of using the standard display list, the following article explains why Starling is a good idea for 2D GPU rendered content.

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